Compliance Library for Employee Screening


Compliance made easy.

VeriFirst's trained and FCRA Certified staff have compiled the documents, forms and templates required to reduce risk and make the employee screening process simple.

Included in this Download     


Documents for Employers

  • Notice to Users of Consumer Reports 

  • Sample Background Check Policy

  • Types of Background Checks and Turnaround Times

  • Sample Background Check Report

  • Common Abbreviations used in Criminal History Reports

  • Criminal Justice Terms Guide

  • Background Check Decision Matrix Template

Documents for Job Applicants

  • Ban the Box - Job Application Sample

  • Background Check Consent Form

  • Pre-Adverse Action Notice

  • Adverse Action Notice

  • Summary of Rights under the FCRA


Notice: The model Form is published by VeriFirst Background Screening, LLC. It is a sample only, is not specific to the facts of any organization, and therefore should not be used or relied upon without the advice of retained legal counsel. This Form is for information purposes only and not intended to provide legal advice or opinion; such advice may only be given when related to specific fact situations and by legal counsel that have been specifically retained for such purposes.


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