What is DoubleCheck?

VeriFirst's DoubleCheck is a manual review of potential ‘hits’ on a criminal record database search. Our trained and FCRA certified staff will review and update records prior to release, helping ensure accuracy, and reduce the risk of false-positive matches to your Applicant.

Criminal Record review and possible DoubleCheck outcomes

Our review process is initiated on any ‘hit’ (record found) on a “Criminal Database Search” (National Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Search, and International Watch List Search).

If criminal database records returned match the Applicant, and if the records returned indicated a known disposition equaling a conviction, VeriFirst DoubleCheck reviewers adjust VeriGuide logic to a Conditional and/or Fail.

If criminal database records returned DO NOT match the Applicant, or if the records returned did not result in a known conviction, VeriFirst DoubleCheck reviewers “Exclude” the records and adjust the VeriGuide logic to a Pass.

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